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Here are a few testimonials from our satisfied customers:

"Jon, Just to give you an update on how implementing some of the remedies you suggested have worked out so far.

Before my energy audit, I paid $2600.00 for oil last winter, that was 5 tank fills from November through March. Thus far, from November through mid February, I've spent $908. and had my tank filled twice! I've spent just shy of $200.00 for insulation, ducting for the bathroom attic space, and sealer to save that amount. I've still got more to do, I'm just amazed at the result of a few hours work has saved me this much money. Keep in mind that heating oil is approximately $1.50 less than last year, but I've only filled twice. My house is less drafty, and much more comfortable.

I recommend your service to anybody who wants to make a substantial dent in their energy costs! If you need a referral, please, by all means, forward my information."

-Kevin M., Massachusetts


"Once again as winter settles in to lovely Lebo I am anticipating those pesky energy bills to start their usual winter ascent through the roof. HOWEVER, this year I decided I would try to do something about it! I decided to have an energy audit done on my cozy Roycroft abode. Constantine Paliouras and his wife Vasso (Lebo folks as well) have a franchise business called Pro Energy Consultants.

"I heard about their company through some mutual friends at Foster Elementary. Constantine spent the last three hours with me and my husband looking at every crevice of our home to sniff out the energy zappers. It was fascinating and incredibly helpful. The neatest part was probably the infrared camera he used to show all of the coldest spots in the house - and there were a lot of them in our case. The great part is that they are not affiliated with other companies so they are NOT trying to sell anything. He did not come in and say, ‘well, you need a new furnace, all new windows and better insulation and I can do it all for you for $40,000.’ On the contrary, he gave us very specific advice about products to buy to help seal duct work, insulate crawl spaces, have better, faster hot water flow, etc. — all stuff we can do ourselves without ever needing to call a handyman.

"They are all about helping consumers and empowering them to make inexpensive improvements that will vastly improve the overall efficiency of their homes. What’s even cooler (pardon the pun) is that Constantine and Vasso try every product in their own 1930’s home before recommending it to others. If the product works they recommend it, if it doesn’t they don't. Within 24 hours we will get a full written report including detailed advice on how we can make several improvements ourselves after taking a trip to Rollier's, Home Depot, or Lowe's. We are really pumped about finally getting pro-active about energy use in our house. I LOVE that Pro Energy Consultants is based right here in Mt. Lebanon. Vasso and Constantine are just two more examples of the great people who live here and care about their community. I’m so glad to have met them. Thanks guys."

- Kristen L. and Craig K., Pennsylvania


"Steve did an outstanding job of thoroughly explaining the benefit of having a home energy audit. We were impressed by his on-the-spot recommendations to make our home more energy efficient."

- Chris W., Florida


"Thank you for your help solving my discomfort issue. I discussed my concerns with Alan before he started the energy audit and explained how uncomfortably hot our master bedroom has been for the nine years we have lived in our home We really didn't know what to do!

"The thermal imaging camera exposed a number of areas where our home is losing energy through air leaks. Alan did a great job explaining the building envelope and the difference between conditioned and unconditioned air. Then we arrived in the master bedroom and, sure enough, there was no insulation in the ceiling of the bay window running the furl width of the room. Alan was also very knowledgeable point out where the patio cover (that also covers the bay window) does not have any ventilation. It was very easy to understand why my master bedroom was so hot.

"All along I thought I had a problem with my air conditioning system. This repair will save me a lot of money instead of having to increase the size of my air conditioning system. Pro Energy Consultants was very helpful with a detailed improvement plan. I appreciate the instructions for improving my discomfort issue."

- Harold F., Arizona


"The energy audit visit was comprehensive, unhurried. [The energy auditor] took careful notes of problems not only as related, but also suggested really practical energy efficient and economical strategies. He explained problems as well as house areas that were OK. The conversation invited answers relating to lifestyle. Very helpful! Especially appreciated how relatively inexpensive the solutions were — solutions I can afford and will complete!"

- Walt K., Kansas


"I was surprised at all the things that were found. The tools that Pro Energy uses are cutting-edge and reveal things to the homeowner that they would not otherwise know. I found the recommendations in the report for dealing with my energy efficiency problems were very useful.

"After I fix what needs to be done, I'm probably going to pay Kirk to come back and do another energy audit just so I can see if my repairs worked."

- John R., Texas


"Our consultant was very friendly and didn't mind my constant questions. I also thought the [infrared] camera was neat."

-Rhett J., Florida


"Mr. Bryne was incredibly thorough and pointed out many things, even simple and inexpensive fixes we could tackle on our own. The energy audit gave us an opportunity to actually observe and experience areas in which we suspected could be the source of our experiencing heat loss in our home during the winter months. We were able to have someone come in and reinsulate existing areas that presented an issue. We are looking forward to saving some money in our heating bills this winter, thanks to Mr. Byrne's energy audit.

"Mr. Byrne's energy audit illustrated our need to remedy several problematic areas around our home. His experience and technological support helped us to focus on the most critical areas first. We immediately updated the insulation in the kids’ rooms and the den. On a smaller scale, we sealed outlets and exposed ductwork. The room temperature in my daughters’ room is noticeably improved. The den has been problematic for five years. We replaced the insulation and sealed the surrounding area beneath it. With the addition of some minor repairs, I'm actually looking forward to my next energy bill so I can compare our year-over-year usage. Mr. Byrne, thank you for educating us and showing us the most affective remedies for our energy loss."

- Lisa S., New Jersey


"The technology involved was impressive."

- Bradley P., Florida


"It was a great experience. We thought our gas bill was too high, so he tried to solve it in many ways and give us good suggestions. My favorite part of the energy audit was giving us ideas about covering the lighting plugs, better insulating the doors, and having the heating and air conditioning man tape up the ducts in the crawl space. I will be happy to tell our friends all about this, as we have already done, and will continue to do so."

- D.G., Ohio


"My wife was convinced we needed new windows. Using the heat gun showed us that we were losing warm air around the windowsill and not through the window itself. Getting the energy audit saved me a couple of thousand dollars, instead of replacing all the windows in my house a little caulk around the window sills and some weather stripping around the windows and doors corrected the problem.

"Mr. Pickston came out to do the energy audit and was very prompt and courteous the day of the appointment. What impressed me the most was that Matt never seemed to be in a hurry, always willing to explain everything to my wife and even our kids. He even went into the dirty crawl space to show us why our family room was colder than the rest of the house. I am in sales myself and I know what it’s like to keep a schedule and getting on to the next appointment, but Mr. Pickston never appeared to be ready to leave without answering all of our questions. We were very impressed with the energy audit and have actually recommended to friends and family members to have this done."

- Mark D., Ohio


"[The energy auditor] was able to show exactly where our windows, doors and other areas of the home were leaking energy. He gave us ideas, in layman's terms, of how to improve the energy efficiency of the home and which of the improvements would be tax deductions."

- Jeanne T., Indiana


"They were very friendly and professional. They explained, in detail, every step of the energy audit, invited my input and questions, and were very patient and informative in their explanations. The results of the energy audit were very informative, and their recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of my home were just what I needed to know."

- Sandia P., New Mexico


"I was very pleased with the whole experience, very informative."

- Glenn E., Florida


"I quickly learned that my house was leaking air like crazy. But, more importantly, the energy audit showed me where to prioritize my money to get the most energy savings on a limited budget. Plus, it provided a list of many things I can do myself that don’t cost much so I can work at my own pace to improve my home.

"In my opinion, the energy audit must be your first step so you can use your money most effectively. It is crazy to spend money to save energy without an audit first… you simply won’t get as much bang for your buck!"

- Cynthia Y., South Carolina


"We live in an older home on Miami Beach. Over the years we have made a series of improvements but have never addressed issues involving energy efficiency. Pro Energy performed an energy audit on our home and found many simple ways that we can improve the efficiency of our home and lower our electric bills. The final report described in detail, including illustrations, the problem areas and the cures. Every homeowner interested in reducing their electric bills and making their home a more efficient structure should get a Pro Energy audit."

- Betty & Joe F., Florida


"In today’s work force, most companies do not seem to care about the customer's needs or concerns. Mr. & Mrs. Limbers took extra time to not only answer each of my questions, but even went further and explained why. By not only giving me an answer, but also explaining why has helped me create a plan to add insulation and improving my home. I look forward to having them back in the future to see what my efforts have accomplished. Thank you!"

- Robert P., Michigan


"The price for the energy audit was right, and after making a few modifications and repairs, I expect the investment to pay for itself within a short time via lower energy bills."

- Traci M., Florida


"Jon took the time to explain various items to me. Also I liked that I felt part of the audit and that I could ask all the questions that I wanted. Jon took the time to explain things to me. He seemed extremely knowledgeable and of course I wanted to take advantage of that knowledge (as Jon wanted me to). Jon was great. He was so open to questions and extremely thorough.

"My home had undergone a ‘green’ renovation, but I felt I could get more efficiency out of it. My house is 50 years old and not all parts were renovated. I had one energy audit through MassSave. Through that program I was able to increase the insulation, but I felt that the energy audit through MassSave was not thorough and they did not do a very good job with the infrared scan. They checked only two or three spots in the entire house and they did not do anything with smoke guns to determine where my air leaks were located. Jon was so thorough. I now know of two areas that could use additional insulation. Jon was good at noting what I could easily do myself. Now I just need to make the changes."

- DeAnne D., Massachusetts


"Quite an eye opener to discover the discrepancy in insulation that exists in our home that we thought was tight."

- Peter C. P., Arizona


"I think your consultant did a very comprehensive job and I have already recommended him to two other people."

- D. Alan N., Florida


"[I was impressed with] how knowledgeable [the energy auditor] was and how he assured me if I followed through with his suggestions and/or recommendations on a variety of issues — i.e., the uneven heat and air conditioning, drafts through outside electrical outlets and plumbing penetrations, and my previous ice damming — these problems would all be resolved."

- Beverly S., New York


"The energy audit was extremely thorough and provided answers to all of my questions. I had no idea that my house was wasting so much energy due to leaks and unsealed ducts. The Pro Energy audit showed me the exact source of the inefficiencies in our home and now I’m able to address each issue one by one. I can't wait to see my monthly bill go down once I make the necessary adjustments in my home."

- Lisa R., Florida


"Jack was extremely professional and informative during the audit process. He took the time to answer all my questions. His information was very educational. I learned things about my house and how it works that I never knew before. Jack provided me with some resources to solve some of my energy issues. The energy audit was all I expected and more."

"Jack is an asset to your company. His professional manner, his ability to communicate intelligently, and his patience will serve your company well."

- Carol R., New Jersey


"Matt came to my house to show me why my upstairs is so hot in the summer and cold in the winter. He used his camera and showed me where my upstairs was leaking air. It was very beneficial and now we can take the right steps to fix the problem instead of just guessing. I was surprised at some of the spots and would of never guessed how much leaking we had from the attic access door. I think Matt was great at explaining, but most of all he seems to love what he is doing, so you know he wants to help you."

- Linda H., Ohio


"Very professional and informative."

- JoAnn H., Arizona


"The energy audit pinpointed areas that could be easily corrected to reduce heat loss and my electricity bills. Jon and Chad did a great job explaining what they were doing step by step and what the solutions to the issues found would be. I have an older A-frame contemporary and was concerned about high heating bills due to potential heat loss. Jon and Chad pinpointed the areas where heat is being lost and offered simple solutions to resolve the problems. They were both professional and informative. I thought it was a great experience and would strongly recommend them to anyone."

- Cathy F., Connecticut


"My experience could not get any better. I was very pleased. Alan Hart and Vince Hunter were both very professional. [The infrared] camera test showed accurate locations where my problem areas needed to be addressed. I had a hot bedroom and draft areas in my living room."

- Pat C., Arizona


"The energy consulting was not only useful in finding ways to dramatically reduce energy expenditures, but the infrared photography enabled us to see how the insulation was previously installed in the old and newer parts of the house. It was an education about green construction as well as the history and construction of our home."

- Christopher D., Michigan


"I would highly recommend Pro Energy Consultants to friends, family and neighbors. In fact, I encourage anyone who has energy efficiency concerns with their home to have Pro Energy Consultant do a full energy audit.

"The thoroughness of their inspection was impressive. There wasn't anything in the house that they didn't examine. They fully examined the crawl space in our basement, which we discovered was a major source of our problem. The fee is very reasonable and I expect that we'll recover the cost in near-term energy savings."

- Leslie B., Pennsylvania


"Doug was professional from the start, conveying a sense that he knew what he was about. That immediately established credibility, which is vital in any consulting role.

"The biggest benefit to me was the understanding of the difference between thermal and air barriers and how they interrelate to sap energy from a home. Above and beyond all of the air leaks that were found by the thermal audit, I will use this knowledge as I fix my problems and going forward as I renovate my home. The return on investment of this energy audit is in the thousands of percent — no exaggeration. Every energy conscious homeowner should have one of these done."

- Anthony N., Michigan


"This is a recently built home. I had the energy audit done to assure myself everything was done correctly. The energy audit revealed not only the usual areas of air infiltration, but also an area in the attic that was completely missed when insulating. The missed area has gone, and would have gone, undetected."

- Bill D., Connecticut


"Jeff is a friendly and helpful guy who knows what he is doing. His energy audit was comprehensive and reasonably priced. His recommendations helped me focus on what needed to be done to the house to make it more efficient. When he came back after we did his recommendations, the blower door test proved that we made our home much more energy efficient. Thanks Jeff!"

- Mark D., Indiana


"Doug did a wonderful job of educating me while going over our home. It was very hands-on, and easy to understand what he was telling me. I have a very good idea now of what we need to do next to make our home more efficient in the future.

"Doug came to our small ranch home in Livonia and really went over all the aspects of energy savings and improvements possible with the data he was getting on site. He went above and beyond (in my opinion) in answering questions, keeping track of issues, and also was very professional in handling the tasks involved (he wore shoe covers while in the home, was careful in procedures, made sure I understood what we were seeing and what he was doing, etc). He also came all the way out again to go over the report, and how I could find people and resources to help us make our home better and safer. I would happily recommend his services to anyone interested in making their home and our world a better place."

- Ted D., Michigan


"The findings were informative and very comprehensive."

- Gregg Y., Michigan


"[I was impressed at] how knowledgeable the energy auditor is about the subject of heat loss and how we can remedy the problems we have, which will in turn save us money in the long run. He wore a clean and pressed uniform. He changed his shoes in order to keep our floors clean. Very polite and respectful. I was very impressed."

- Louis P L., Connecticut


"Mike and Laurie were very professional and the audit was so helpful. We have already saved some money on our heating bill... and it isn’t even really cold yet in Michigan. We would highly recommend them to anyone. As a matter of fact, we have already done so and our friends were just as impressed as we were. EVERYONE needs this for their home and/or business. We know it will save us much more than the energy audit costs."

- Linda M., Michigan


"Favorite part of the energy audit was the detail provided by the infrared camera and the smoke sticks. The energy audit was surprising in the number of faults identified in a short period of time."

- Roger P., Ohio


"They impressed me with their thoroughness and their knowledge — they were obviously well-trained. For the amount of time they spent with us and the state-of-the-art equipment used, I feel that the minimal cost was a great value! We will certainly recommend Pro Energy to our friends and business associates."

- G. Gregory Raft, President, Water Source Heating, Inc., Brighton, Michigan


"It was wonderful!"

- Diane M., Pennsylvania


"The energy audit was very informative and specific as to the nature of the problem areas."

- Mauro C., Michigan


"I was blown away with the information I received in the results and impressed with the technology Jon used to audit my home."

- Rick W., Massachusetts


"Mr. Pickston was extremely thorough in his review. His knowledge of the process and passion for what he believes in was evident. The energy audit was very informative in identifying issues I was not aware of and discounting concerns of what I thought were problems previously.

"The energy audit was an interesting and informative experience. The infrared technology was an impressive tool that provided immediate feedback during the reviews of each room. Our home is ten years old, 3,000 square feet and has several windows throughout the house. We always wondered how efficient the home was and wanted to validate the quality of construction. There were not specific problems to address, but were interested in an overall evaluation. The energy audit provided solid information and it results indicated that the house was built ‘solid and tight.’ Issues that we thought were present were not founded, while other issues we weren't aware of were identified during the energy audit process. One of the perceived benefits of the energy audit is the unbiased approach that it provides. The motivation is not to sell me new windows or home improvement projects. Instead, it provides the knowledgeable insight to help determine the cost-benefit of whether to engage in any major work, while also determining the simple tasks that the homeowner can do on their own to remedy minor concerns evidenced in the report."

- Joseph F., Ohio


"He was very knowledgeable of how my home was put together and how the home operates. He is also a very good teacher. He not only explained what was wrong with the house he also offered to provide people who could help me fix the problems.

"When John first learned of the mold problem that I was having with my 800-square-foot rental property, he immediately offered to come take a look to see if he could figure out the cause. John was very professional from the moment he arrived at the house. I knew I had someone who cared about my property when he put a pair of protective booties over his shoes before he entered my home. He involved me with the energy audit: he taught me things about my house that my home inspector never pointed out and he provided me with easy fix-it ideas that cost me approximately $375. I still have a few more things to do that will help the efficiency of my property, but the things I did improved my air loss by 70 percent. I have already recommended John to a friend and I will continue to recommend him in the future."

- Paul P., Massachusetts


"Vasso was very professional and knowledgeable. Her approach was methodical. She was able to clearly demonstrate the various elements that comprise the energy audit. She was articulate and provided insightful coaching on how to improve the energy efficiency of my home."

- Al B., Pennsylvania


"I was ready to spend around $10,000 on new windows, as I was sure that is where my problems were. Matt showed me the location of the actual problems and where to spend the time and money for the best results. This energy audit saved me thousands of dollars!

"Matt literally saved me from spending thousands of dollars on new windows that I was sure was the source of all my heat loss. When Matt came over to conduct the audit he took the time to explain what he was going to do, why he was doing it and invited me to participate in the process. We spent a couple of hours going room by room and it became obvious that the windows were not my issue. I have already begun the process of making the modifications Matt recommended and I have noticed a difference in the comfort level of my home. Matt’s professionalism and attention to detail were very impressive. I will highly recommend his services to friends, relatives and clients."

- Kevin W., Ohio


"Rand was very professional and respectful. The energy audit was very technical, yet put into layman's terms so easily understood. I would recommend Pro Energy audits to anyone who is tired of wasting their energy."

- Theresa T., New Mexico


"Bill was very professional in explaining what he was doing and looking for in the energy audit. It revealed heat and air loss, that if addressed would be more efficient as well as a cost savings to us. When he pointed out the loss of heat/air in the cellar air ducks, WOW. If corrected, the savings, as well as efficiency in the heat/air, will be well worth the cost of the correction. The audit revealed heat loss in places one would not expect. The energy audit revealed that our 50+ year-old home is well built and well insulated, but if a few things are addressed and corrected, it would be much better, both heat/air efficient. I will recommend this service to friends and family; it’s well worth it."

- Kenneth J B., Virginia


"I had a problem with cold areas. My favorite part of the energy audit was the education — which was also an unexpected benefit. I was most impressed by the technology, the amazing customer service and the quality of the report. We are going to continue keeping our curtains closed and check the seals on our ductwork — cheap and easy solutions! We were so pleased and impressed! You are so lucky to have Bill Scullion!"

- Colleen E. M., Virginia


"The infrared pictures really tell a story!"

- Michael M., Michigan


"Your recent energy audit was a big eye opener for us. We had been looking for ways to reduce our high-energy costs/usage and were looking at starting to replace many of our original 1928 windows. After your energy audit we realized our home had other problems that needed to be addressed first and would have a bigger impact on reducing our energy costs. The many sight unseen areas in our attic, around our chimney, in the basement and the main floors would have continued to leak after replacing the windows.

"With your in-depth report in hand we have started developing our game plan to reduce the leaks in our home. Most of them are things that are relatively inexpensive and most if not all are ones that we can complete ourselves. These can be done on weeknights and weekends. Some will require hiring a contractor/specialist but we can plan for these expenses.

"The investment has been well worth it. Like anything is gives a starting point by identifying the areas that can have the biggest benefit in reducing our energy cost/usage."

- Jane and Mark H., Indiana


"Your technical activity and assessments were extremely helpful and informative, and your professionalism was superlative. You treated our home with respect and great care, even to the point of wearing shoe covers to avoid any tracking in the house. The service you provide to customers is economical and environmentally prudent."

- Byron & Colleen H., Louisiana


"I tried one of the other companies and got some information but really didn't clear up anything. Pro Energy came out and went over the bill and found out where the problem was and did a much more thorough test and showed me all the places I needed to make small changes. I wish I had called them first. I do recommend them highly."

- Rex L., Florida


"Very professional. Had everything he needs to start with. Had known air leakage problems and dust problems. The infrared camera was very informative; being able to show you and feel for yourself. Most things were minor and easy and not too expensive to fix. Jeff supplied us information such as where and how to acquire items for some problems, also companies that do other repairs that we could not do. I was satisfied with the price of the energy audit."

- John and Anna R., Indiana


"Mr. Scullion was very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and thorough. He encouraged me to participate in the energy audit and made me feel at ease to ask questions. He answered my question fully and offered solutions for any concerns I had. I would highly recommend your company and Mr. Scullion to my friends and family."

- Frances H., Virginia


"What impressed me most about my home energy audit was the ability to pinpoint precise locations of the weak areas. It’s hard to know just where to address problems when you can't see them. Some areas were obvious, but others were a surprise. I'm amazed at how just addressing a few simple areas has dramatically improved the temperature control in my home. This is an amazing service.

"I had never heard of this sort of service before. When Steven Belknap approached me about having an energy audit done, I really didn't know what to expect. Living in an old Florida bungalow, I have many drafts and the house if generally "cold" during the winter. I thought it was something that I would just have to live with. After seeing the report and talking with him, I realized that there were many small and inexpensive ways that I could improve the comfort level in my home. I haven't even finished addressing all the spots but can already see a huge improvement in the overall temperature control. I am very happy with this service and would recommend it to friends and family!"

- Wildflower O., Florida


"This experience has been enlightening. I was most impressed with the amount of energy leaks that Mr. Tim Courtier found in my home. I had no idea where the problems were coming from. There were so many leaks in my basement, which in turn proved to be the problem for my upstairs bedrooms. The leaks were coming from the windows and going into my air ducts! I’m impressed with the voluminous amount of heat that I’ve been wasting on energy bills, and with the ease of improving the leakage. I now have the knowledge and starting point on how to improve my home’s comfort issues, as well as how to reduce my energy bills! Thank you!

"I would highly recommend homeowners get an energy audit — especially if they’re experiencing the same issues that I have (cold drafts in rooms, high energy bills, etc.). I REALLY WISH THAT I WOULD HAVE HAD THIS DONE BEFORE I BOUGHT MY HOME!"

- Danny B., Ohio

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