For Your Initial Investment, You'll Receive...

Initial Training - You’ll benefit from 16+ years of experience during our three phase initial training program that also helps you prepare for both the HERS Energy Rater Certification and the BPI Building Analyst Certification. The three step process consists of…  

Save money on your home's energy bills

Step 1 - Before coming to our training center in Cleveland, you will complete several distance learning curricula, including . . .

Infrared Camera Tutorials – Online, these tutorials start out with the very basics and then gradually build so, that by end, you'll not only know exactly how to use your camera, but, just as importantly, the building concepts behind how and why it works so well.

Pro Energy's FastStart Business Preparation – All new consultants participate in our FastStart program that guides your pre-opening and grand opening responsibilities. Our FastStart program gives you step-by-step instructions for everything from setting up your business entity to researching your local marketing media. More specifically, as a participant in our FastStart program, you will be given numerous assignments to complete BEFORE you attend training. You will be asked to gather information on your local utility providers, to list all area referral sources, and dozens of other critical topics. These assignments are designed to give you a real “FastStart” on your start-up but more importantly, our FastStart package enables you and our trainers to completely remove your training from the realm of the theoretical and to apply each and every training module to the realities of your market. Each subject is outlined in an easy-to-follow template form, with helpful examples, useful phone numbers and numerous online resources.

Pro Energy's Mechanical Primer Training – Learning basic building science fundamentals and terminology is the first step in your technical training. Not online, this part of Step 1 is old school. It's a classic textbook, assignment and quiz curriculum, which lays the foundation for the more in-depth technical training that lies ahead.

Save money on your home's energy bills

Step 2 - 3 days of intensive, onsite start-up training – Every new consultant flies to our initial start-up training program led by Mark Cannella. Your training will cover every aspect of owning and operating a Pro Energy business. With plenty of classroom time, the real emphasis is on hands-on, practical experience. You and the other attendees will watch Mark perform real audits on real homes throughout Cleveland and, you'll participate yourself. From setting up the equipment, interviewing homeowners, analyzing data and generating reports, you'll begin the process of practice and repetition that is so crucial to learning.

Enery auditing

Step 3 - 6 modules of follow-up reinforcement training

Equipment Package – At no additional fee, you’ll receive the professional grade equipment you’ll need to perform your assessments, such as a blower door, infrared camera, infrared software, and more. You’d spend thousands purchasing this equipment on your own.

Marketing Assistance – Every smart new business owner worries about one thing – “how am I going to get customers?” All of our consultants are trained in Pro Energy’s marketing approach and given access to our professional-grade marketing collateral. More than merely telling you what to do, we’ll explain why some things work and others don’t. From the perspective of a new business owner, one of the most attractive features of this industry is that we acquire most of our customers through guerilla techniques and grass-roots referrals. We’ll teach you exactly how to approach potential referral sources, show you what they look for in an energy auditor, and give you the tools to not only effectively create these critical relationships but to maintain them long-term as well. You will learn the skills you’ll need to measure and manage your marketing efforts from a financial standpoint. And you’ll gain professional insight into choosing market specific advertising venues that may be unique to your territory.

The Pro Energy's Proprietary Seminar Marketing – Your Pro Energy training will teach you how to market Pro Energy’s free educational seminars to your local community. Our seminars position you as an expert in your industry to large segments of your target market.

Reporting Software – With Pro Energy, you’ll be provided with reporting software, and proprietary reporting templates that allow you to generate custom reports via laptop and portable printer, with full color pictures and thermal images.


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