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With oil, gas and electric prices shooting ever skyward and the American public becoming more “Green” conscious than ever before, people and businesses want (and need) to consume less energy. And with the state of the economy, the state of our energy reserves, and the state of our environment, the new American awareness of energy usage is here to stay.

Own a Pro Energy FranchiseOur franchisees capitalize on the ‘Green’ movement by using sophisticated equipment and technology to provide energy audits and building performance assessments that help identify areas of energy ‘leak’. Armed with this specific and unbiased knowledge, building and home owners can make smart improvement investments that improve indoor comfort while reducing bills.

The following statistics and information substantiate the validity of ‘Green’ business opportunities such as Pro Energy Consultants:

“A recent Simmons study indicates that the amount of Behavioral Greens – consumers with the greenest behaviors and attitudes – has risen by 7.3 million since 2006. These green consumers represent 31 percent of the population and consist of more than 34 million adults. Consequently, businesses have ramped up their offerings to determine the best method of identifying and converting the green consumer market into a bottom line impact.”

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“Despite recent economic woes, consumer demand for environmentally-aligned products is not slowing. According to the BCG report: "The continuing expansion of green consciousness around the world presents a huge opportunity for smart companies…The business case for green remains compelling, especially in a tough market.”

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“As long as research, investment and public attention stay focused on emerging green technologies, we are on the verge of an era of economic opportunity similar to the early Internet days.”

- Entrepreneur Magazine (April, 2011)

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