High Energy Bills

Energy costs are escalating with no real end in sight, and our homes (and businesses) represent a significant portion of our total energy consumption.  In fact, residential homes alone use more than 20% of energy in the United States.

Many people have responded by installing high efficiency mechanical systems, windows and appliances, only to find no significant decrease in their monthly energy bills.  Here are the top two reasons why:

The improvements made did not correlate to the source cause of the energy waste.  Very often, home and business owners just begin a trial-and-error guessing process to improve energy efficiency, without truly knowing what the problem is.

High efficiency systems and products require a good building envelope to function properly.  No matter how high-grade the product or the quality of the installation, you can never achieve maximum ROI on your energy upgrades if your structure has air or thermal barrier deficiencies.

There is a better way.

A Pro Energy Consultant has the tools and knowledge to diagnose the true source of energy ‘leak’, and provide specific, practical recommendations that will lower your energy bills.  Very often, just a few simple improvements is all it takes, saving clients thousands of dollars on unnecessary upgrades that wouldn’t have solved the problem anyways.

"We live in an older home on Miami Beach. Over the years we have made a series of improvements but have never addressed issues involving energy efficiency. Pro Energy performed an energy audit on our home and found many simple ways that we can improve the efficiency of our home and lower our electric bills. The final report described in detail, including illustrations, the problem areas and the cures. Every homeowner interested in reducing their electric bills and making their home a more efficient structure should get a Pro Energy audit." Betty & Joe F.,Florida 

When you want the best energy audit, you want Pro Energy Consultants. 











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